Packers vs Cardinals

Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals: 5 matchups to watch

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The Green Bay Packers season is winding down. They have a game at home, where they haven’t lost all season, against the struggling Arizona Cardinals this weekend. With the remainder of their playoff chances on the line, it’s do or die for them. They already need help, but, if they don’t win out, they’re done. It all starts here, and it starts with just a few matchups of some guys playing football for 60 minutes in the cold in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Packers vs Cardinals Live Football

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy are seemingly at each other every single week. The trust and relationship that took them to a Super Bowl and made them one of the NFL’s best teams is gone. Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams both said this team needs a galvanizing moment, and this week has to be theirs. They have to come out and show some of the vintage swagger they used to have. If they don’t their expected changes will be even more evidence of their necessity.

After their Sunday night loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Rodgers talked about how they can have their new “Run the Table” stretch. The Packers have shown flashes this season of turning the page in just about every single game, but they always seem to come up short because they can’t play a complete game. Against the rebuilding Cardinals, they have the ability to make that happen. Let’s get started at how they are going to make that happen.

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